Free Consultations

The difference in how we will empower you with knowledge.

Why do we offer free consultations?

The Saberton difference is in the knowledge we'll give you.

How Saberton is different than dentists centers around the fact that they will make you pay for an exam before you can get any information about the denture process. Many of our competitors will offer free consultations, but these are mostly just an inventive to get new patients in the door to make a sale.

The Saberton difference is that our goal is to help inform our patient as to how they can better their life based on a unique care plant hat is crafted for them. We off Free Consultations to explain your potential treatment options. However, our focus is on your well being and quality of life, versus making a sale.

Why you need it?

It's simple, there are many steps required in getting dentures and it takes 5 - 8 weeks (typically) to get into your new dentures. So we want to give you as much information about your treatment plan options, the range of quality and prices that come along with

What you can expect.

We want to hear directly from you - tell us about your situation, be heard and understand we are here to help you navigate a path to a better quality of life. We will offer professional advice on how best to accomplish your goals.

What happens at the free consultation?

At the consultation appointment, a Saberton denturist and staff member examine the existing state of the mouth and then discuss which treatment plan best suits each patient’s health and financial needs. This may include a referral to get teeth extracted, dental implants, or simply determining which type of denture is ideal for each individual.

The consultation appointment is also when estimates are sent to dental insurance to determine coverage.

Why are consultations free?

At Saberton our goal is to provide treatment plans that are affordable and straightforward so that our patients are highly satisfied with their final denture, and there is a clear understanding as to the treatment plan process as well as all potential costs.

By having our consultations at no charge, it allows us to have an open, honest discussion about all denture options without the patients feeling uneasy about how much this assessment will be. During your consultation, you can ask us an array of questions such as:

  • tooth extractions
  • immediate dentures
  • dental implants
  • replacement dentures
  • complete dentures
  • partial dentures

I really enjoy my visits. I am treated with the utmost respect and care. The girls are just amazing. Such professionalism.

- Sharon V.
Saberton dental professional's hands demonstrating a dental implant procedure on a model of human teeth and gums, highlighting the implant posts and the dental tool used for the demonstration.
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