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When getting your dentures repaired or relines, you can expect professional services to restore the fit, function, and appearance of your dentures. Repairs typically involve fixing damaged or broken dentures, such as cracked bases, broken teeth, or weakened clasps. Relines, on the other hand, address changes in gum and jawbone structure due to aging, weight loss, or oral health issues, which can cause discomfort or difficulty chewing.

Denture repair and relines services are usually offered by the Saberton team from each of our specialized clinics. The process starts with a thorough examination of the dentures and the patient's oral cavity to assess the issue and determine the best course of action.

For minor repairs, the turnaround time can be as quick as a few hours, while more complex cases may require several days or even replacement of the dentures. Relines may involve soft or hard material, with soft relines providing a temporary cushioning layer and hard relines offering a more permanent solution.

Do you have any more questions? See a quick FAQ on Denture Repairs & Relines below!

How much are denture repairs?

Denture repairs start at $150 for simple repairs that consist of a broken tooth and increase depending on whether we need to create impressions of the mouth or a replica model. We try to keep our repair prices at levels that are as affordable as possible

How quickly can dentures be fixed?

All Saberton Denture & Implant offices are equipped with on-site labs to help our denturists do repairs as quickly as possible.

The usual time for a repair is within the same day, however, this depends on the complexity of the repair.

Why do dentures break?

In general, properly constructed dentures that fit in the mouth shouldn’t break. However, dentures are made of acrylic, which is a plastic, and as such are susceptible to breakage if dropped or are used over many years.

What is a reline?

Relines are refitting of existing dentures so that they fit the mouth more accurately.

How much are relines?

Relines are usually $300per denture but may vary depending on the individual treatment plan.

When should you get a reline?

Relines are prescribed when the denture teeth are still intact but the denture isn’t fitting as well as it should be. By adding impression material to the inside of the denture, we’re able to “tighten” the denture so that it fits the mouth more accurately.

Relines are common after having teeth extracted, and a denture made within the first year after extractions. Relines are also frequently advised when someone loses a lot of weight and their denture is under five years old. Relines are frequently requested by patients desperate for their denture to fit better. Unfortunately, relines can’t always solve the problem of loose dentures if the problem isn’t that the denture needs a better fit; sometimes dentures don’t fit as well as we’d like because of dry mouth or the shape of the oral cavity.

Is it ever advisable to repair your own denture?

No! As much as we all like to fix things on our own to save time and money, if an at-home denture repair is glued incorrectly, we may not be able to re-repair it back to the original shape. If this happens, the only solution is to get a new denture. With repairs as low as $150 as well as free consultations, it’s advised to visit one of our offices to see how we can help before attempting to fix any broken denture at home.

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