What Are The Different Qualities of Denture Bases?



October 5, 2023

Let’s be honest, the denture teeth are the most important part of the denture because, after all, they determine what our smile and overall appearance will be. But, if the teeth themselves are the rock stars of the denture world, the pink denture base that holds them in place, is the all-important stage that allows the teeth to show themselves off. With this in mind, let’s examine the different types of denture bases available.

How Traditional Dentures Are Made

Over the past 50 years, denture bases have been made by combining two chemical substances (monomer and polymer) under heat and pressure, to cure into a pink, gingiva coloured denture base that resembles our natural gums. Its main function is to securely fit into the mouth and hold denture teeth in their appropriate positions. This technology is still widely used and is generally an acceptable technique for making a denture that fits within normal limits.

This ‘old school’ technique is reliable enough to construct dentures affordably so we can continue to provide individualized care that takes each patient’s financial needs into consideration. However, with this method something called ‘dimensional change’ occurs during the curing process. As the denture turns from a mixed goo into a hard, pink denture base, the shape warps slightly. This generally isn’t a big deal and doesn’t affect the fit of the denture significantly. But the material is weaker and warpage does always occur, leading to a less than perfect fit.

A Modern Approach To Dentures

In the last couple decades, new technology has produced an advanced fabrication method whereby a stronger mixed-substance is continuously injected during the curing process, thereby eliminating any risk of warpage. This results in as perfect a fit as is technologically possible. Cool stuff! Our goal of offering high quality denture care to everyone means using different materials for differing patient needs. Because each individual’s financial and health-related needs are unique, we provide free consultations to all patients. The reason for doing this is to guide each patient towards the best treatment plan that addresses their individualized needs.

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