Are There Different Qualities of Teeth?



October 4, 2023

Not all dentures are created equal! There are a few, main differentiating factors which include the denture teeth themselves.

Like most products available today, denture teeth are available for us to purchase (from reputable dealers like Henry Schein, not the Tooth Fairy) at various levels of quality. So, what’s the difference between them?

Less expensive teeth are made of plastic and will wear quickly with normal use. Because the material is inexpensive and a lot softer, which leads to the anatomy (cusps and edges) dulling quite quickly on all teeth, both front and back.

Compared to standard denture teeth, which can last 7 to 10 years, less expensive denture teeth can wear out in as little as 2 years. Of course, a lot depends on the hardness of food that is chewed over this time as well. Higher quality denture teeth are made from dental composite; the same type of material used in white dental fillings. This material is much more durable and therefore lasts much longer. 

Higher quality denture teeth are also available in a wider range of moulds and shapes. This is important because it gives us more options when creating a more personalized smile that suits you best. This is also particularly relevant when matching denture teeth to any remaining natural teeth. And the best part about higher quality, composite teeth is that they don’t stain with normal use. Staining is something that can be an issue for anyone who gets less expensive denture teeth and happens to be a smoker, or coffee and wine drinker.

At Saberton, the price of dentures ranges from $999 to $1,699. However, because replacing someone’s smile is unique to each individual, we offer initial consultations at no charge. This is so we can discuss what works for each patient, both from a health perspective as well as financially.

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