What Are The Pros And Cons Regarding Different Qualities Of Denture Teeth?



October 5, 2023

Most consumers today rely on feedback from online reviews and from other consumers. This is a little more challenging when it comes to something as patient-specific and technical as denture teeth. So, what are the benefits and downsides of a higher quality denture versus a more affordable one?

Because we offer a variety of denture treatment options that take into consideration a patient’s health needs as well as their financial situation, it’s important to explain what effects each treatment can have on your overall health, over the long term.

It’s much more important to have a denture than to have no denture at all. Afterall, our most basic need is to be able to feed ourselves in order to survive. Interesting fact: humans are the only mammals in the world that can survive after losing all their teeth. However, those who don’t have the ability to chew properly cannot eat well and will not live healthily.

While we are able to use more affordable options to offer a more value-driven denture, these typically wear much more quickly. And again, while it’s much better to have a denture than nothing at all, it’s important to know that the quick erosion on the inexpensive teeth will have both esthetic and functional effects which will affect your overall health.

When the front teeth on dentures wear down and become stained (like they do much more easily with less expensive denture teeth), our confidence tends to decrease and we feel less self-assured. And when the back teeth wear out, food isn’t being chewed properly, leading to poor digestion and other health problems related to not being able to nourish the body properly.

While it’s true that all qualities of denture teeth will wear down eventually, this wear occurs much more quickly with the inexpensive and softer teeth. Because of factors like variations in denture teeth performance, it’s very important to offer free consultations which give us the opportunity to assess each individual and discuss different options. These free consultations are the ideal environment to ensure each patient is well informed regarding the longer-term implications of their treatment plan.

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