What Kind of Dentures are There?



April 3, 2023

What kind of dentures exist? 

When people think about dentures they are usually thinking about the two main types of dentures: complete (full) and partial. Complete dentures replace an entire arch of missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw and rest on the gums. They can be conventional, made after gums have healed from extractions, or immediate, provided right after extractions for temporary use. Partial dentures fill gaps left by a few missing teeth and attach to existing teeth using metal or acrylic clasps or precision attachments. Both types can be further classified as removable or fixed, with fixed dentures often supported by dental implants for added stability and functionality.

What type of dentures does Saberton offer?

Denture treatments include:

Complete denture (missing all the teeth on one jaw)

Partial denture (missing one or more, but not all the teeth on one jaw)

Immediate denture (denture made when teeth are pulled)

Implant denture (denture that snaps into the mouth by attaching to dental implants which are secured in the bone)

What happens at the free consultation appointment?

At the consultation appointment, a Saberton Denture & Implant denturist and staff member examine the existing state of the mouth and then discuss which treatment plan best suits each patient’s health and financial needs. This may include a referral to get teeth extracted, dental implants, or simply determining which type of denture is ideal for each individual.

The consultation appointment is also when estimates are sent to dental insurance to determine coverage.

Where can you get fit for dentures?

Saberton Denture & Implant currently has six locations in the Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford, and St. Catharine's areas.

Consultation appointments are free and each office can be contacted by phone or e-mail simply by visiting our locations page.

+Why are consultations free?

At Saberton Denture & Implant, our primary goal is to provide treatment plans that are affordable and straightforward so that our patients are highly satisfied with their final denture.

By having our consultations at no charge, it allows us to have an open, honest discussion about all denture options without patients feeling uneasy about how much the assessment will be. During your consultation, you can freely ask questions about:

tooth extractions

immediate dentures

dentures on dental implants

complete dentures

partial dentures

denture repairs, or relines

What are dentures that never stain?

Over and over again, clients have pleaded with us to find a way so their dentures can stay as bright and clean-looking as the day that they received them. The foods and drinks that we all love like coffee, tea, wine, and pasta sauce can be relentless with their staining actions. This is especially true for anyone who smokes. A lot of the frustration stems from the fact that natural teeth can be whitened however dentures can’t, because they lack the same natural tooth structure.

Because of this, we’ve introduced new lines of premium dentures that are guaranteed to never stain for the life of the denture! It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. The new premium teeth are made of a dental composite material that has complete resistance to staining, something that other, cheaper acrylic materials cannot provide. This means that our premium dentures wearers no longer have to worry about whitening their dentures because the teeth are guaranteed to never show any signs of staining, regardless of diet or smoking habit.

Premium, stain-resistant dentures can be either done for complete or partial dentures, and are also used for implant dentures.

How long does it take to get dentures?

It typically takes 4 to 6 appointments to complete the main stages of denture construction:


Measuring how you bite

Trying the dentures on in a wax version

Placement of the final denture.

Each appointment takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

We typically book each of the denture steps once every week or two, so the whole process can take anywhere for 5 to 8 weeks. However, every patient's needs are different and additional needs such as extractions or implants can delay the treatment time.

Is getting dentures pain free?

Generally, yes. Unless there are teeth to get extracted or implants to be placed, the denture making process involves only taking impressions of the mouth and measuring how the denture will seat properly against the gums.

Getting new dentures should be pain free!

Making impressions and measuring isn’t invasive beyond the uncomfortable feeling of having the impressions taken. Because we create so many new dentures every day, our denturists take impressions using less material and keep the impression material in the mouth for as short a time as possible.

Are there other costs?

Denture fitting appointments

Saberton Denture & Implant offers complete dentures or partial dentures from $699 per denture.

There is no tax on dentures, and the consultation is free!

These prices include all appointments, materials, and adjustments for up to 90 days. There are no additional fees other than for such services as partial metal framework, denture implants, or if the denture is being made to be inserted immediately after tooth extraction.

Tooth extractions and dentures

There are a number of different ways to have teeth pulled and dentures placed. It’s best to call for a free consultation so that we can explain the benefits, risks, and costs involved in each treatment. We recommend that you have your denture consultation prior to booking any extraction appointment so that there is complete understanding regarding the extraction/denture process.

Are there other denture prices available as well?

Yes! Not everyone is looking for the cheapest, most affordable option. We offer two other higher quality dentures that involve harder pink denture base acrylic, as well as stronger and more natural looking denture teeth.

Saberton Denture & Implant offers superior service and affordable prices

While being higher quality, these dentures are also created with affordability in mind, ranging in price from $899 to $1499 each denture. There is no tax, and consultations are absolutely free.

What's the difference between the terms complete denture and full denture?

Nothing! They all describe the prosthetic that fits on one of the jaws should all remaining teeth be missing (pulled).

Are the terms false teeth, denture, and plate the same?

Yes! Because dentures have been around since 700 BC and are used around the world, they have developed more than one name to describe them. Plate and denture are the two most popular.

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